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CCC 2020 J4:Cyclic Shifts


Two strings are T and S, T length > S length.

  1. Check if ith to ith+Slength has the same chars as S. Maintenance a window, slide in T, It is from i to i+len(S), next will be i+1 to i+1+len(S). using sum to do it. sum = sum(window) - ord(T[i]) + ord(T[i+1+len(S))

  2. if ith to ith+len(S) substring is in S+S, return true, it is S cyclic shifts, otherwise not

  3. if it is S cyclic shifts, print "yes"

  4. Iterative whole T, if not find one S cyclic shifts, print "no"

Time complexity: O(len(T))

T = input()
S = input()
slen = len(S)
tlen = len(T)
charnum = 0
DS = S + S
for i in range(slen):
    charnum += ord(T[i]) - ord(S[i])

def iscycle(mystring):
    if mystring in DS:
        return True
    return False

if charnum == 0 and iscycle(T[0:slen]):
    findone = False
    for i in range(slen, tlen):
        charnum -= ord(T[i-slen])
        charnum += ord(T[i])
        if charnum == 0 and iscycle(T[i-slen+1:i+1]):
            findone = True
    if not findone:

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